About Patty

I am a 48 year old woman who has been on the path to healing from childhood abuse since I was 22 years old. My abuse lasted from when I was about 3 years old until I was out of college. It ended because I left and didn’t go back for many years. I have PTSD, depression, and anxiety. I have worked with many different kinds of therapists and have been on many different medications. Recently, I came to the conclusion that I also need to work on healing my body as well as my mind. I have started going for acupuncture and therapeutic touch and became a vegetarian. I am a stay at home mom and a wife. I am a writer and an artist. I love nature and music. I love to cook and I hate to clean. For several years, I lost hope that I can heal. Very recently, my hope for healing was restored and I feel like I finally found the path that I had lost. I want to share my journey and path with people because I felt like I did not have a voice for many years. Now I have a voice….

Please also follow me on Facebook. My user name is Patty’s Path to Healing.


19 thoughts on “About Patty

  1. Patty, there is nothing worse than what you have been through. And you have the intelligence and courage to work on healing. I applaud your effort and encourage you to persist through the rough patches. Getting your diet in order and having a therapist are good practices. You might also want to find and join a support group so you have direct interaction with others who are healing. Good luck to you, things will improve, just hang in there for the long haul. You are still young.

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  2. Lovely to have discovered your blog. My biggest steps in what I call “real healing” have come through alternative healing methods. I absolutely love that you are using acupuncture and therapeutic touch. My path has lead me to a wonderful soul healing based hypnotherapist. But modalities like EFT (emotional freedom technique) or Tapping, as it’s also called, are very, very powerful at helping release subconscious crap. There are lots of Youtube videos demonstrating it and you can even use them for yourself. Just a thought because it’s easy, works fast, and doesn’t have to cost much. Cheers to you!

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  3. hi patty. i am happy to have found your blog. i am a 35 year old female from ireland and i am blind and have ptsd and dissociative identity disorder. i blog about going through psychotherapy and also about my appointments with my wonderful and amazing psychiatrist dr barry. XX

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  4. Hello my beautiful warrior queen, you know how proud I am of you and once again I want to remind you of how happy nam that our paths have crossed. Sometimes we don’t even know how strong we can be until there is nothing left and being strong is all we have. You are doing it every day and I am happy you have found your voice once more. Xoxoxoxo ❤️

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  5. Thank you, Rhapsody, for always being here even when I am not. I really love that our paths have crossed. And I love reading about how you got to be where you are and your insights and seeing the beautiful scenery you share.


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