Father’s Day

Today is one of those 2 days a year that I really dread.  The other is Mother’s day.   

I don’t want to celebrate Father’s day.   I could celebrate it in two ways.   I could celebrate my father…,  but, I don’t know how to do that.  He did horrible, vitriolic, deviant, and heinous things to me, but i also inherited some of my favorite parts of myself from him.  I learned my love of music and reading from him.  He taught me most of what i know about nature…and I know quite a bit.  I inherited my intelligence from him.  My sense of humor, which I also share with my brother, my nieces, and a few of my cousins, mirrors that of my father when be was in a good mood or out in social situations.  I learned to be creative from my father.  It’s really a Catch-22 for me.

I could also celebrate the father of my children.   I am grateful for the man’s sperm as it helped to create my children, whom I love with all my heart.  But, he’s not a good man.   My children’s father hurt them in many different and horrible ways.  He’s the reason they have many of the issues they have.  So, really, im not interest in celebrating him.
We did celebrate my wife’s father today.  He is a great father.  He’s quiet and unassuming and supports his children in anyway possible.  I love holidays with him.  He recently went on a cruise with us and was great with our kids.  He actually started teasing me in a loving way on our cruise and l realize that even though he didnt understand his daughter wanting to marry me, he is now totally accepting of me as his daughter-in-law.  


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. There were good things in your father, but rather than build on those, he let his worst side become powerful. You also have good things in you, and those are the things you nurture and tend to, so in you they become part of your overall goodness, your gift to the world. Perhaps your father had some hard beginnings that twisted him, I don’t know. But you had hard beginnings, too, and they hurt you, but they never drew you away from being a kind and loving person. So Father’s Day can maybe be one more day to notice and honor the goodness and strength in you. xxoo


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