I forgot to mention in my last post.  I was talking about all of the abusers in my therapy session yesterday, and my therapist said that what my parents dis was human trafficking.  She and I have talked in the past about one of my parents being a drug addiction and both of them being alcoholic.  We also had more money than it seemed, based on our houses, cars, etc.  My therapist said that my parents had to have gotten something out of all of my abusers or else they would not have shared me the way they did.  When my therapist said human trafficking, my mouth hung open, but it also rang true.  It was like things finally made sense…some of my why’s have been answered.  


9 thoughts on “OMG

  1. Holy shit, what is WRONG with people?!? How can anyone do that, and especially how can parents do that? I just don’t understand that at all. Often I can understand how criminals ended up where they are, but this is something I will never, ever be able to understand.

    But whatever, forget about them because they are nothing. My real concern is you. You, my dear, have been through hell in a way that few human beings have. It is a miracle that you grew up into the kind, caring and self-reflective person that you are. You should be proud of yourself–I don’t say that lightly, and I know it’s hard for you, but you are amazing. To me, you are such a true Warrior Queen already (but keeping that in mind is a good new year’s resolution).

    I bet your therapist is right. It makes sense from what you say, and just the fact that it made so much sense to you right away. And oh! I am so enraged for little Patty, who deserved so much better (and who, I will still insist, was NOT responsible for the death of the cat). Sending you love and admiration, Q.


    • Thanks, Q. I really don’t get what was wrong with them. Little Patty did definitely deserve much better. I am so grateful for my blogging world friends who can hear this stuff and respond to it so supportively (that’s probably not a real word).


  2. Shit, Patty. That is an intense revelation. Your parents were not parents at all, they were (are) very, very, very sick people. I am so sorry for all of the horror you endured. You are nothing short of fucking incredible for still being alive, and so kind and caring on top of it all.


  3. Awful and there are no words to describe what you had to endure. I’m so sorry for this Patty and words just can’t convey what I would like to say. So instead I’m sending the biggest hug possible your way.


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