Feel Good Friday

One of the things I do on a regular basis to make myself feel good is drink coffee.  I love coffee.. iced, hot, latte, mocha, flavored, plain with cream and sugar.  I love the taste of coffee, and to be perfectly honest, I love the energy burst I get from the caffeine.  I don’t particularly love the headaches I get when I forego caffeine, but that does not happen often unless it is forced by location (so far, any coffee I’ve had on a cruise ship is horrible) or by illness.  Caffeine is the one no-no that I engage in after my gastric bypass.  I do follow the other rules such as not drinking while eating, waiting 30 minutes after meals to drink, no rice, no pasta, almost no bread, protein first, almost no sugar, no ibuprofen.  I went for 4 months with no caffeine, but with my children and their craziness and level of activity and lack of sleep, I couldn’t do it any longer without resorting to homicidal thoughts.  So, for my Feel Good Friday, I just drank a Venti Coffee with cream, sweet and low, and a scoop of chile mocha powder while I wait for my wife’s car to be repaired.  Yum.  Sweet, spicy, and warming on this 25° snowy day.


One thought on “Feel Good Friday

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