Shutting This Blog Down

By the end of this year, I will be closing this blog down.  I’m not abandoning my WordPress friends as I’ll be opening a new blog with a slightly different focus.  I’m working on clarifying that focus now and I’ll let you know about it as my work progresses.  I’m pretty sure I’m ready for my journey to change a little, but right now, my ideas are pretty nebulous.

There are a few things that I’d like to post before I’m done on this blog, so I’m sure that I will be doing that soon.

I guess this all sounds a little strange, so I’ll just say that I’m still working on me and who I am, but who I am is going to be about me and not other people.


3 thoughts on “Shutting This Blog Down

  1. Doesn’t sound strange at all, you are just entering a different phase of your life and shedding the old. Not a bad thing at times to have a renewed focus and I regardless of what it will be, you know I’ll be here, you’re loyal fan and friend.

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