Can anybody out there give me a quick lesson in how to make my blog private and still let my blogging friends have access to it?


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  1. Shoot. I’m on mobile so I’m not sure of the exact path. Try going to your dashboard and look account settings. You can make your blog private or password protected…when someone visits your site WP puts up a link that viewers can click to send a request to view your blog. :/. Not very helpful, I know. If you’ve not found it by tomorrow I can try to help when I get to work and have a computer to go through the process.


  2. I am on a laptop and clicked on the MySites at the top left on my screen. When the next screen comes up, there is a menu on the left called Settings. Click it, and a menu will come up on the right part of the screen. Scroll down until you see Privacy. You can select “Private.” I haven’t gone further, but I bet it’s pretty user friendly.

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  3. What mariner2mother said. Here is the link to the instructions, which are very clear and easy to follow:
    Once the blog is private, you can either invite people yourself to have access to the blog (you’ll need their WordPress username or full email address) or wait until they request access via the link that shows on the ‘private blog’ front page. You can still have password protected posts and private posts (i.e. posts only viewable by blog administrators) on a private blog, and you can change your blog back to public later if you change your mind.


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