My Favorite Season

I love Fall.  For me, it’s the season between the long, active, sunny days of summer and the long, mostly indoor, more introspective days of winter.  Fall weather, being cool and brisk and full of bright colors makes me want to go outside and walk and explore.  It’s a great time for walking in places that are just too hot in the summer.  It’s invigorating to walk and walk and then come home and drink a hot cup of something and read a book in the sun on the porch.  I live the tastes of Fall…pumpkin spice everything.  Cinnamon.  Ginger.  Soups and stews.  Fall squash.  I love going to the Farmers Market and buying newly picked cauliflower and acorn squash and Brussels Sprouts still on the stalk.  Apples and cider and donuts.  I love going from summer clothes which tend to make me feel somewhat vulnerable to cozy sweaters and boots.  This is my season.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Season

  1. Yes Patty yes. What a beautiful post and the picture as imagining it being you fused with your favorite season. Gorgeous and what a beautiful smile. It warmed my heart to see that smile and I loved your post. I hope to go out on Friday and will take you with me in my heart and hopefully share some pictures with you.
    I now I want to go visit a framers market with you 😉

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