Walking the Labyrinth and Reiki, Last Week, Thursday

I went to the Labyrinth walk and was pleased to find out that Pattie, my favorite Reiki practitioner was there.  I signed up to have Reiki with her and then had 20 minutes.  Usually, with that amount of time, I would have just sat and meditated while I waited for my Reiki session, but I decided to walk the labyrinth.  I found myself racing toward the center of the labyrinth and then started laughing at myself, as I realized that this labyrinth walk was like me trying to speed up my healing.  I just need to accept the reality that my healing happens ad it happens.  I can affect my healing by doing the work, but I cannot hurry it or I may find it popping up again in a few years.  I finished the walk meditatively and presented myself to Pattie.  She ran her hands over my body stopping for moments in several places, and then spent lots of time on my right hand and wrist.  She sat down next to me and exclaimed, you are so much better than when I first did Reiki on you.  You have almost no energy blocks tonight.  I used to be able to feel them all over your body.  Then she asked if I was writing.  I said yes, and she said I should continue.  I went home feeling very peaceful.


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