Therapy Rules

MT ( my therapist) and I had a good laugh together on Wednesday, even when I was on the midst of anguish, because I started off a sentence with, I can’t….only to catch a look on MT’s face, and roll my eyes, and groan, I can’t say I can’t….only to have MT dissolve in laughter, and point out, you just said you can’t say you can’t….and it started me off on, I shouldn’t say I shouldn’t and I can’t say I should but I can’t say I can’t and what if I say what if?  You just say, well, what if?  So I can’t say what if and I can’t say I can’t.  And I can’t sit on my hands and I can’t glare at you and I can’t do all sorts of things, but I cant say I can’t or I shouldn’t or I’m not supposed to.  Oh, and I can’t say I’m trying, because either you are or you aren’t, but I can say I’ve done it and I’m still working on getting it right.  I was laughing so hard by this point, and so was MT.  I declared, there are just too many verbal landmines in this office.  MT smiled, and said, but focusing on language has been very important, right?  Yup, it has been.


2 thoughts on “Therapy Rules

  1. Language does matter! I remember, a couple of years ago, telling E, “I can’t tell you what happened.” She said, “Okay. Maybe you can tell yourself, “I can’t tell her now, but later I can.” That was too much for me, too. We kept backing off until we got to something like, “I can imagine maybe later perhaps thinking about maybe telling her.” But that was better than “I can’t tell her!” and it started to open that door a little bit.

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