Here’s a question that flitted through my mind a few minutes ago:

Will I ever truly be done healing?  Will this abuse I suffered affect my life forever?  Will the trying to get over it process end?  Can I really get over it?

I’d love anybody who wants to comment with their views.


4 thoughts on “Question?

  1. It isn’t a matter of “getting over it” but a matter of coming to terms with your past and embracing your future. We can’t change the past no matter how much we would wish we could. It’s our journey; it’s part of us and ours alone. We can decide to live (not just exist) in the present and we can look forward to each day, each hour, each minute as they come to us. Do you have to be perfect? No, because that’s God’s gift; his love and each new moment as they come. Please just be you; celebrate you in spite of your journey and because of your journey, you are the wonderful you that you are. Just perfect!


  2. I definitely, 100% believe that the abuse will not affect you forever. I believe you can be done healing from this. I believe that you can and will heal from this. At the same time, I think we are always in the process of “healing” and becoming better versions of ourselves. We are always growing.


  3. I keep reminding myself how much better than I was 8 yrs ago, 7 yrs ago, etc. Do I believe that effects of my trauma will always be there. Yes, in some ways, but I can continue to grow and change the rest of my life and live not just survive.

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  4. I believe that the mind and the human spirit is a powerful thing and that anything is possible. The deeper the scars the more time it will take to heal and no two journeys are alike as we all deal with our emotions and feelings on a different level. I am just now learning about your journey but already feel connected to you and I’m cheering for you. I believe that you will be able to do anything by putting your mind to it. Be patient and give yourself credit, as there are good days and reminders of the past. Allow them to be but become aware of negative thoughts and stop them in there tracks by doing so. You got this and you are already on your way. Hugs.


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