Walking the Labyrinth and Reiki

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I went to a Labyrinth walk at a local Church this evening.  I got there pretty early because I wanted to sign up for Reiki with Pattie, but it turned out she was not coming.  I feel very connected to her and have received Reiki from her at the Labyrinth walks twice now.  The woman doing sign ups for Reiki sessions suggested a woman named Kim, who had just opened up a Reiki center, so I said okay, but my session was not for another 45 minutes.  When I went into the Church sanctuary, there were only a couple of other people in the labyrinth, so I decided to walk the labyrinth right away.  I walked with the intention of being in the present moment in all ways.  I paid attention to the soft New Age music playing and to the breeze from the dozen fans blowing on me.  I walked barefoot and the labyrinth is actually printed on canvas and feels like a t shirt with an iron on design.  I paid attention to the slight coolness and smoothness of the labyrinth on my feet.  I prayed for the people I passed as I walked.  Then I was in the Labyrinth by myself, and I noticed myself feeling as if I was moving more gracefully and I felt my long in the back, shorter in the front blouse blowing in the breezes of the fans, and I felt almost as if I were dancing the Labyrinth.  When other thoughts of the past or future or what was going on with my children or friends or wife came up, I reminded myself that I was just in the present moment, that I was healing, that I could have time for me right now, and that I could think of all those other things later.

When I was done walking the Labyrinth, I went and sat outside and enjoyed the warm evening air and a feeling of relaxation and wellness.

When it was time for my Reiki session, I went and sat in the appropriate chair and met Kim.  I sat and she moved her hands over me, clearing energy blocks.  My prayer for this Reiki session was to remove judgment of my moments and my feelings. I felt supreme peace as Kim moved her hands over me. I did not feel any emotions bubbling up, just a connection to the healers energy. When my session was just about over, Kim sat in front of me and asked if I was a reiki healer. My immediate response was “I wish”. Kim expressed some surprise. She said my energy felt like that if a Reiki healer, clear and flowing and healing and no blocks. I was also surprised at my response and still am. I started writing this the evening of the event and it is now a week later. I’ve been researching becoming a Reiki healer. I feel very called to being a healer although I woukd not have known that before 10 days ago.


5 thoughts on “Walking the Labyrinth and Reiki

  1. Awesome! You seem very grounded which is imperituve for doing Reiki. The really cool thing is once you become a Reiki ( any level) you will heal yourself as you help others. Excited for you.

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