Mentally Strong

The title of my post is a phrase I just read elsewhere and realized that it applies to me.  I’m in the midst of a healing process that often makes me feel fragile, but in reality, I am mentally and emotionally strong.  MT (my therapist) expressed some surprise the other day when I talked about going to aqua tabata and aqua yoga.  I’d been talking about how hard this period of detoxing and body memories and pain and flashbacks has been.  MT thought I’d just been sitting at home, trying to deal with this stuff.  And, yes, sometimes, I’ve just been sitting at home, and trying to survive.  But, I’ve also been ACTIVELY healing.  I’ve been doing things that are good for my body, my soul, and my mind.  I’ve been going to acupuncture and Reiki and aqua classes and being outside in the sun with my garden and walking and eating healthy foods and doing art and writing and going to meditation.  I am mentally strong at this point.  I understand that the pain of detoxing is healing pain not traumatic pain.  The tunnel is getting lighter.  It may get darker again at some point, I know. But, I am healing. 


3 thoughts on “Mentally Strong

  1. You absolutely are healing. It’s good to know that, to know you are making progress, to recognize that you might have dark periods but you are still going forward. It’s wonderful to witness it.

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