Cancelled session…

MT (my therapist) texted me tonight and cancelled our session for tomorrow.  I had three different reactions to that.  The first was some big disappointment because I was actually looking forward to therapy now that I feel connected to MTagain and I feel like we’re on the same page again.  My second reaction was dome remorse because over the weekend, when I thought one of my kids was coming down with something, I thought to myself that it would be okay if I had to miss therapy because now I feel connected to MT again and I would not be afraid of her not being there if we missed a session.  I figured this was the universe trying to teach me that my thought was really true.   My third reaction came a couple of hours later when I thought about a bunch of paperwork I’ve been struggling to get done and my closet that is in serious need  of cleaning.  I was really happy that I was going to end up with unexpected time to hopefully get those tasks done. 

This is only the 2nd time in my 2 years of therapy with MT that she has cancelled a session with short notice.  I find that to be absolutely amazing and comforting.  However, I get really nervous when this happens because my last therapist started cancelling sessions due to health problems and it turned out she had a brain tumor.  Now, I realize last therapist and MT are not the same person. But I wish that MT’s strict boundaries did not prevent her from saying why she was suddenly not able to keep an appointment.


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