Feeling crappy

I’m sitting in the grocery store parking lot.  I’ve bought my groceries, but I don’t want to go home and make dinner for my family.  I don’t want to drive my mother-in-law home to another state tomorrow.  I’m exhausted.   Today is the last day of my kids’ spring break and the last day of mother-in-law’s visit.  I’m physically not feeling the greatest.  I’m thinking my gallbladder may be ready to vacate its residence in my body.  I really feel like I need a day in bed.  I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon, unless, of course, my gallbladder demands to be out.  Ugh.  I’m not ready for more surgery right now.


2 thoughts on “Feeling crappy

  1. Just wanted to say I’m sorry it’s so hard, and I wish some good rest. I’m sending you warm, caring energy–don’t know if you can feel it, but it’s floating out there in the universe, looking for you.

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    • Thanks, Q. I’m just not used to having kids and my mother-in-lawpulling me on a bunch of different directions all at oncefor days on end. I’m used to having at least a couple of hours to myself a day….with nobody else in the house with me. I do feel your warm caring energy. Thank you so much.

      I ended up not taking my mother in law home today dup to yucky winter weather on our part of the world. Tomortow, I have therapy and I’m not willing to give that up, so I’ll try again on Wednesday.


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