I’m not sure about this….


I think that I know I’m healing by being able to feel whatever feelings I have when I have them.  I’m not sure that there will ever come a time when telling my story doesn’t make me cry.


6 thoughts on “I’m not sure about this….

    • Nope. You’ve not always been healed…but you are healing. I see that quote all the time and it drives me crazy. That’s why I posted it. I think we are all always in the process of healing…whether or not we know it…with or without tears.


  1. So I was thinking along the same line as Q. I could never cry about my story. I was stoic and unable to feel. I can almost tell my story now and cry. I can cry and I am healing. Being able to tell my story and not break down–that means I am healed.
    Love this post, really it is all a process ❤

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