Dx: fibromyalgia

I had bariatric surgery about 11 weeks ago.  After this surgery, NSAIDS are a big no-no.  They can contribute to ulcers in your newly constructed and delicate digestive system.  I have arthritis in my hands and knees, but figured that the weight loss, lack of sugars in my diet, and over all better health would lead to a decrease in symptoms.  I’ve always been very achy and stiff all over, especially in the mornings, but I’ve always thought of that as part of my extra weight.  Well, 12 weeks after surhery, 13 weeks with no ibuprofen, and about 90 lbs lost, I ache so badly almost all the time and all over, I could barely stand it.  I went to see my primary care physician to get some kind of a pain killer for night time.  She asked me lots of questions.  Irritable bowel symptoms?   Yup.  Lots of sore throats?  Yup.  Incontinence?  Yup.  Foggy brain?   Yup, but I thought that was my PTSD.   Insomnia?  Yup, but once again, i thought PTSD.  She pressed my pressure points…9 sets of them.  5 sets made me yelp.  Only one produced no reaction.  The doctor said, fibromyalgia. Upped my Cymbalta dosage, prescribed tramadol.  Told me to do all the usual.  Good sleep, good nutrition,  exercise. 

It’s kind of nice to have a name put to all these aches and pains.  The doctor asked me why had not reported this achiness to her years ago.  I told her I assumed it was my weight and I did not want a lecture.  She told me she would have investigated before blaming my weight.  I know that’s true.  I just have this awful habit of assuming.

I’ve done lots of reading about fibromyalgia since yesterday.  I find it interesting that it’s often correlated with trauma.  Lots of times. I’ve assumed that all this achiness is body memories.   I wonder if that is what fibromyalgia is?  I’ll have to do more research and contemplating.


One thought on “Dx: fibromyalgia

  1. In doing a lot of energy healing, for myself, I’ve experienced a lot of physical issues relating to energies of past trauma literally stuck in my body. I work with a woman who is a medical intuitive who can “see” this sort of stuff, and she helps me release it. Big improvement in achy hips and low back recently. And I’ve learned that just because I might show things like plantar faciitis on an x-ray or MRI (I forget which one it was), does not necessarily mean I have pain (I used to have pain, but it’s been healed). I show arthritis in a lot of my back, hips, shoulders, (and most likely have it elsewhere) on x-ray, but most of the time, they don’t hurt because of releasing the old trauma energy that was causing pain. I have no doubt whatsoever that fibromyalgia can be healed with energy medicine.

    Huge congratulations on taking good care of yourself!


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