Meditation, 2/1/2016

Tonight’s shamanic journey was all about air and wind.  J is having us do a series of journeys on earth, air, fire, and water.  Tonight, as my light body went to my sacred place and began walking up a mountain, I felt the wind blowing in my hair and I eventually found myself at the top of the mountain.  My arms were spread wide and the winds howled around me.  I could feel myself swaying, but still standing tall.  Then I was laying on the ground, and I could feel and hear the wind blowing all around me, but my hair and my clothing were still.  A dark haired woman was leaning over me and moving around, touching my body at times, and at other times raising her arms and screaming.  I finally realized that this lady was the wind.  She was blowing the evil and demons away from me. And then she was blowing into me….into my forehead and and my eyes and ears.  The wind was transforming my thoughts and beliefs and feelings.  Blowing away all of the dark and murky stuff in me.  And filling me with pink light. 

I need to hold on to this wind goddess and let her help me blow away the evil and the demons.  I need her to blow soft breezes and tumultuous winds at me to help me grow strong roots so that life can’t topple me.  And I need the wind goddess’s transformative breath….blowing away the old stuff and making room for the fresh air.


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