It’s a New Year.

I have not written much since my weight loss surgery in November.  I’ve pretty much been concentrating on eating right and exercising.  Until this past week, I’ve been exhausted all the time.   My nutritionist tells me that my iron supplements are starting to kick in now.

My kids have been pretty wild with the holidays and things are just starting to settle down with them.  My wife and I booked a cruise for the entire family for next year.  We will be going to Bermuda.  We all live the beach.

With my therapy, things have been hard.  Without being able to use food to cope, things just keep bubbling up and I feel like I go in circles constantly and keep coming back to the same stuff again and again.

So, I have a couple of goals for myself right now.  One is to start going to Church again.  I miss the community I had when I attended a church on a regular basis and I really need the grounding I seem to get from the familiarity of the Mass.  My other goal is to live my life in the present and as mindfully as possible.


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