Evil is…

I know that the original poster referred to the terrorists in Paris, but this also applies to the abusers in my like.

Soul Healing Art

Evil is Evil is

We make a mistake when we think the opposite of love is hate. Evil is the opposite of love.
In the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8-

Evil is intolerant.
Evil is cruel.

Evil does not comfort.
Evil does not demure.

Evil is not lawful.

Evil honors no one, as
Evil seeks only for the self.

Evil is perpetually enraged.
Evil keeps eternal records of every wrong.

Evil does not delight in hope,
but rejoices with fear.

Evil always attacks.
Evil always distrusts.
Evil always despairs.
Evil always abandons.


Evil always fails.

Of course, so much of this had me thinking of the attacks on Paris and how line by line those who enacted these attacks showed exactly what evil is.

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