My Therapist (MT )

I want to talk about MT, my therapist for a moment.   She has been my therapist for 18 months.  She is compassionate and challenging.  I have to do the work in order to see her.  I cannot get away with bullshit stuff.  I cannot say I don’t know with her, but I can say I am working on figuring out the answer.  She calls me on my stuff and she sets really firm boundaries, which teaches me to set really firm boundaries.  MT has guided me to calling myself and seeing myself as a warrior.  I have to fight for my healing.  There is no just sitting passively and waiting for healing to happen.  MT steadily shines a light on my path, even as I stumble, miss my markers, and fall down cliffs.  She celebrates my successes with me, and remains present through my sadness, my anxiety and my anger.  Even when I’m inappropriately angry with her.

The other day I wrote a post in which I was really hurt and angry about a decision MT made during a session.  I even said I was thinking about finding a new therapist.  MT was not really happy when she found out that I wrote about that session from my point of view.  But, what I want to say, is that was my point of view.  There are two (or more) sides to everything.  I really don’t see me changing therapists, unless MT closes her practice.  I’ve come such a long way in 18 months.  I’ve talked about things that I never thought possible.   I am healing.  I do the work, I guide our therapy sessions, but without MT’s light, I would not be where I am.  If anybody ever wanted to see her as their therapist, I would highly recommend that they do so….if they can handle her tough and no nonsense approach.  I am so thankful to the person who sent me to MT.


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