To my Body

It’s time to let go.
I know you were very hurt and terribly abused.
It’s over. 
It’s not happening anymore.
I will never let anybody abuse you like that again.
I will not abuse you. 
Please stop trying to make me remember every minute of every day.
I remember.
I’ll never forget.
I’m working on letting go.
I need you to help me with letting go.
I need you to cry while I grieve.
I need you to shout and hit the punching bag when I’m angry.
I need you to dance when I’m happy.
I need you to be still with me in the peaceful moments.
I need you to see the beautiful things.
I need you to hear the music that keeps me alive.
But, I need you to stop with the pain from the past.
You and I…
We are grown-up.
You are not a girl’s body anymore….
You are a woman’s body.
(A middle-aged woman’s body).
I know we need to remember
So we can let go.
Because I can’t let go
If I don’t know what I’m holding on to. 
But, we are going to work on that twice a week.
With MT.
In her office.
And, otherwise, you are an adult and so am I.
And all my younger parts and their younger bodies
Can hang out and relax on that boat
Floating in the middle of the lake.
And twice a week,
You and I
Will reel them in
And work with them
In MT’s office.

I just want to say,
That you are an amazing body
For having survived
The Hell you lived through
And still helping me to grow up
And love people
And take care of my kids and cats.
Thank you for not giving up.
You’ve been with me since the day I was born.


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