I want to share….

I’m a nervous wreck this evening.  Not anything to do with the normal themes of my blog.  Two things are going on. 

The first thing is that there is some huge police investigation going on a few blocks from my house, with SWAT teams and the sort.  I actually would know nothing about it, except for the helicopters that have been flying overhead for several hours.  Apparently, there is no danger to the general community,  but things are feeling freaky.

Second, tomorrow is the happy day I talked about awhile ago.  I’ve talked about my adopted sons, but actually they have been my wife’s and my foster sons for four years.  Tomorrow is the actual adoption day.  So the problem?  The oldest boy is sick with a nasty stomach bug, and while he’s not puking anymore, he does have a fever making him feel really yucky.  I’m afraid somebody else will come down with this horrible thing during the night.  And then we’ll be in court tomorrow, afraid somebody is going to puke on the the adoption papers.  Ugh.  I cannot wait for tomorrow to be done.  I can’t wait to not have to get permission from somebody else to take care of my children the way I think I should take care of them.  Finally, after 1501 days in foster care, my boys are going to know they have a permanent home.  Please pray for no puking until adoption is done tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “I want to share….

  1. Sending you and your boys lots of healing thoughts! That’s so amazing that you’re giving them a life they wouldn’t have had in the system. My hat goes off to you. It definitely says a lot about how wonderful you are!

    I’m sorry about the investigation. It’s always scary when something like that is going on and they don’t tell you what’s going on :/ hopefully they’ll be done soon!!

    Good luck tomorrow! Lots of hugs!!

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