Anxiety Delight

Anxietu has been my day.  Not sure why.  My head aches.  I want to unzip my skin and take it off….this feeling has a tendency to lead to some self-injury,  so I’m working really hard to not go there.   I can’t sit still.  I can’t read.  I tried to exercise….inside and outside , but I just wanted to curl up.  But I could not curl up because I can’t sit still.  I wanted to work on a therapy project and I can’t.   Reading, tv, music…not working.   Ugh.  I’ve taken xanax twice now and I have not taken it in about 9 months.  Hoping something helps soon.


7 thoughts on “Anxiety Delight

  1. I know what these days feel like, and I’m sorry that’s your day today. What can you do that will appeal to your senses? Beautiful smells – lavender or cinnamon? A fabric that is delightful against the skin? Your favorite music? Water, whether swimming or a shower or bath? Sometimes these pleasures can be soothing for a bit, long enough for the worst to pass. I do hope it passes soon.


    • Thanks. I couldn’t even listen to music. Noise was making me jumpy (and I have three rambunctious little boys). I eventually settled on listening to a homily by my favorite priest, and her soothing voice, in addition to vitamin x helped me fall asleep.

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  2. Full moon? Shorter days? I’m not sleeping past 3 or 4am, but yours sounds like a restless mind. When I feel like that, which is daily, I meditate. But what you describe sounds like more than that. Had you taken in more caffeine than usual? Or an over the counter cold medication that could cause that?


    • Nope. Just plain old anxiety . No cold medicine, no caffeine. I meditate everyday. I couldn’t even sit still to meditate or lose myself in a book or a favorite tv program. I finally took more xanax, my maximum dose of bedtime medicine, and listened to a homily by my favorite priest. She has a really soothing voice and I fell asleep in the middle of the homily. I feel lots better this morning. Not 100%, but getting there. On my way to swim again.

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