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    • I think that anybody who lived through something that caused her/him to have PTSD and is working on that issue is a warrior. There are battles to be fought everyday, what with hypervigilance, dissociation, flashbacks, nightmares, etc., and then going to therapy to pull it all apart and put it back together again. That means you are a warrior.

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      • You are not a weakling. My therapist started calling me a warrior about a month after I started seeing her. I scoffed and rolled my eyes lots. I cried all of the time. I had flashbacks and nightmares. Sometimes I would make huge progress and then a month later be right back at the beginning. I felt like a loser, but what she told ne was that warriors get wounded, warriors lose battles. The day I cut myself after not doing so for a year, I was so ashamed. She told me that warriors get shell shock. But no matter what, I was still a warrior. So, I pass it on. No matter what, you are still a warrior.

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      • But, you are not there any more. You one that battle. All warriors get wounded and need care. It’s been a struggle to think of myself as a warrior rather than a loser. But, I can feel the power of the word warrior in my heart and blood and bones as I write you these words. We are lots more powerful than people wanted us to think. Thank you so much for your comments and for this little conversation. I needed some reminding myself. Take care.

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    The author of this blog took the time to give me a much needed pep talk after I commented on this quote. I like the self-image of warrior so much better than survivor. It is a more true representation of those of us that fight to function despite our mental battles. Much gratitude and thanks to Pattyspathtohealing.


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