This is why I blog


I started my blog to help heal me.  I need to write down what happened to me and have other people see it.  I have also found that reading other similar blogs,  while sad, has been incredibly healing for me.  For two reasons.  The first being, I am not alone.  It was not something about me specifically that made the abuse happen.  I can read other people’s blogs and be outraged for them, which is transferring into outrage for me and the child I was. Second, reading other people’s blogs, lets  me understand that you can survive and thrive even while in the turmoil that healing creates.


2 thoughts on “This is why I blog

  1. How funny that you wrote about this today. I have started a post on the same exact topic because blogging has also been very healing for me. It’s just good to know that others have gone through things similar to what I’m experiencing.

    Thanks for your blog–it’s a gift.

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  2. A survivor community provides crucial elements of mutual support, validation and understanding. Years ago, I was part of very supportive and cohesive blogging community of abuse survivors, galvanized by one woman on a mission, but it eventually faded away after 4-5 years, as she and the other bloggers retired from blogging. I very recently returned to blogging and have found and been found by other survivors…so begins the building of another community. Just being there for each other and being present, helps immeasurably. ❤


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