Therapy Days

I have therapy this morning and I’m having a heck of a time getting myself out of bed.  I didn’t sleep well, which is no different from any other night.  I have a headache.  The kids are making me crazy.   

I get amazed by how, the minute I leave a therapy session, I want to go back.  I count the days.  It’s usually only 5 days at the longest.  Then, the morning of therapy, I wake up dreading the whole thing.  Seems crazy.  But it’s true.


5 thoughts on “Therapy Days

  1. I can relate in some ways. The last 2 hypnotherapy sessions I had, as we started in on the work, my heart started pounding and I had trouble getting going. Even though my conscious mind wasn’t worried, a part of me was scared. Fortunately, my hypnotherapist is wonderful at helping me figure out what the stalling or block is about and then it magically dissolves, and off I go. I noticed that when I was about to make a big change, a part of me knew it was coming up and got scared (or at least knew the potential was there for big change).


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