MT (my therapist) wants me to read this book.


This book is pretty triggering for me.  MT asked me if I had this book when I started seeing her 15 months ago.   I told her no , and,at her suggestion, went out and got it and the accompanying workbook.  I spent a couple of days with them in my pile of reading material, and just knowing they were there made me so tired.  I ended up hiding them in the bottom of a drawer.   Than about a month ago, I was cleaning out the attic and found this book in a box.  My only guess is that I acquired it 20-25 years ago.  If I read it, I don’t remember.  So.  MT strongly suggested the other day that I start reading this book.  So I just got it out.  But, I immediately had a couple of flashbacks.  I’m wondering what might be in this book triggering that reaction. 

I did open it up and read one paragraph from somewhere in the middle of the book.   And it said, remember you are brave.  I found that interesting because I often think of myself as shy and scared, but MT calls me a warrior and we spend lots of time talking about how I am a warrior.  Maybe, it was my spirit guides, letting me know that it is really okay for me to read this book.


5 thoughts on “MT (my therapist) wants me to read this book.

  1. I had this book for a long time and not that long ago I threw it and the workbook in the recycling bin. I know it’s been helpful for many people, but it didn’t work for me. There was something about the stories in it that set off all my self-doubt and made me hate myself. It took me a long time (15 years?) to realize a book that was intended to be a support just wasn’t working for me, Everyone has to find her own way, I guess.

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  2. I bought the book and felt comforted having it but didn’t really read it, except the ‘Having A Teddy Bear Picnic’ chapter. I flipped through it and I suppose it’s in the basement somewhere. That was her journey, and each has their own. No two alike I’d guess. But knowing I wasn’t alone was probably why I felt comforted at the time.


  3. I hated that book. I remember that my father’s friend had recommended that I read it and he brought both that and the workbook home for me. It didn’t do a damn thing for me. That being said I respect that it does help many people. However for me in particular I found it exhausting and painful to read. For me it certainly wasn’t reading that book that’s gotten me through. That being said we all cope in our own ways and that can be a good place to start.


  4. I have that book, and its sitting out at the moment, i read it probably about 5 -7 years ago. Ive been re reading parts and its helped me understand somethings about myself and the abuse.


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