10 Things I Don’t Like and 10 Things I Love


I have seen this on several other blogs lately and thought that I would do my own.


1.  People who hurt kids and animals.
2.  Rules that don’t make sense.
3.  Prejudice
4.  Liver and lima beans.
5.  Being jealous and envious.
6.  People who think I don’t know I should lose weight.
7.  Being late.
8.  Vomiting.
9.  People  who think they know my kids better than I do.
10. Crying so hard that my nose is stuffed up and running at the same time and I can’t stop the shudders.


1.  My wife.
2.  My children.
3.  My friends.
4.  My cats. 
5.  All of the people who support my healing journey.
6.  Laughing until I cry.
7.  Blackberries, Brussel Sprouts, Shrimp, Coffee, Ice Cream, Chocolate
8.  Music
9.  Reading
10.  Creating


One thought on “10 Things I Don’t Like and 10 Things I Love

  1. Laughing until crying is such an enlivening experience, I love when that happens. Something you can’t force! Also, props to you for putting brussels sprouts on the list 🙂

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