My Therapist is On Vacation

MT, my therapist, is on vacation and I have a 20 day break from therapy due to this vacation.  I have tremendous trepidation and a fascinating sense of freedom surrounding this 20 day break.  My trepidation all surrounds what if’s.  What if the flashbacks get really bad?  What if I don’t sleep for 20 nights?  What if I need MT?  What if she doesn’t come back?  What if a new memory pops up? What if?  What if?  What if?  I know that having all of these what if’s is not living in the moment and I know that I am not being mindful with looking towards the future.  But the what if’s also come from the past.  My mother left for a year and came back not the mother I needed.  My last therapist went on vacation constantly (not a good thing for me), and always came back seemingly more and more resentful of her work.  One of my friends went away for a few months to take care of his sick grandmother and never came back.  One of my friends moved to a third world country to care for orphans, and while she was there, was shot and killed.  She never came back.  Lots of people leave and never come back. I have a tendency to figure that people will find it better where they go and will just decide to stay.  I understand the likelihood of that happening is not likely at all, but…..

I also have this great sense of freedom.  During this 20 days, it turns out that I have 5 weekdays with nothing that I have to do and so, to me, the possibilities are endless.  Originally, I was planning on filling this time with other healing activities such as floating at the float tank, and acupuncture, and massage.  But, the idea of binge-watching some shows and reading some books and napping and listening to music has me enthralled.  I have cancelled those appointments (well, except the massage…I am really longing for G’s hands on my neck and shoulders).  I am going to have my tragus pierced this week because I am absolutely in love with the piercing in the picture.

I am hoping that I can hold on to this sense of freedom and make the most out of it.  It’s only been a couple of days since I saw MT, so I am really not sure which way this is going to go.  I am feeling way more positive than I was the last time I saw MT.  I informed her that her leaving for vacation was not good for me and that no matter what she said, it would not be good for me; although, in the two sessions before that I was very positive about her vacation and my ability to be okay.  In the end, it turns out that I am very scared of how I will react to the length of time that MT is gone.  Will I need her and feel like she just abandoned me?  Will I be fine and then be angry when she comes back?  Will I miss her like crazy and then be angry when she comes back?  Will I miss her like crazy and then be ecstatic to find her back in her office on March 18?  I really don’t know.  Like most of us, I dislike the unknown.  I don’t like not being sure of my reaction and I don’t like not being sure of MT’s reaction to my reaction.  But, MT did reassure me that, no matter what, we will work through it and things will be okay.

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One thought on “My Therapist is On Vacation

  1. My therapist went on a 5 week medical leave and I have seen her twice a week for 10 years. I liked the freedom I found at first. I could write and write. I have a very disciplined and routines lifestyle so that would help me to manage the large amounts of time I have available. I did well the first few weeks but then it started getting old and my anxiety and hypervigilance got higher. I had some sleepless nights but made it through the 5 weeks. It is nice to know that I could do it again if I needed to. Hope things went well when your MT returned.


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