My Projects

So, in my last post, I mentioned my projects.  Usually, they end up completed in collage form.  I wanted to share some of them here.


This is a collage about tears and crying.  I hate crying and feel stupid when I cry, but I’ve been crying constantly lately.  MT said to do a project on tears.  I found out that tears are healing,  Prolactin, a stress hormone, is actually excreted in tears.  I also found out that tears can be beautiful and healing.


MT calls me a warrior and she asked me to do a project on what it means to be to be a warrior.  A warrior means showing your own unique self, loving yourself, and showing up for the battle.


Mary asked me to do a project on what I like about myself.  It turned out I liked a lot about myself and my body, even though I often feel like it betrayed me and it was made ugly by the abuse.

IMG_20141120_084327812 IMG_20141120_084507544

I have many physical ailments.  Some of them are embarrassing.  Some of them I think are because I am fat and often my doctors think the same thing.  However, when doing this project, I found that most of my physical ailments could be traced back to the abuse I endured.


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