Struggling lately….

So, I’ve once again been absent from this blog because I’ve been struggling with two things.  The first thing I’ve been struggling with is a very specific memory, that every time it shows up, I have to remember to breathe and I cough like I’m trying to get rid of a part of my body.  MT just brought it up in therapy very nonchalantly one day, and the same thing immediately happened.  The second thing is, what to do about the aging parents who were my abusers?  The further I get in therapy with MT, the more I just want them gone.  But, can you just oust your parents?  How do I get rid of the guilt and the “Honor Your Parents” stress?   And can I live with myself if I choose to just not have them in my life?  Which is really what I’d like to do right now, but what about next year or when somebody is really sick….AAAARRRRGGGHHHH!  I’ll be back to write more…just wanted to share where I am.


One thought on “Struggling lately….

  1. rooting for you! my mom is in the hospital right now. she did not protect me from the person who abused me and I am having trouble being motivated to be the “good” son.


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