A Few Things

  1. I’m on vacation and I am hating that I have no therapy this week.  I’m really raw and feel like I have a million exposed nerve endings right now.  Had some family issues last week and I am still shaken and need to process stuff.
  2. I feel like I’m not healing fast enough.  I think that there are people in my life who think I should be more healed than I am.  I work so hard at this stuff, but it’s not necessarily the kind of work anybody else can see.
  3. I got my nose pierced.  MT and I are working from the premise that I am a warrior.  My nose piercing is the mark of a warrior.
  4. I grew up thinking I was ugly.  MT challenged that.  I started taking selfies and I’m coming to understand that I am not ugly.  I am so mad at my mother for telling me I was ugly.

2 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. In prepping for baby girl’s heart surgery, I’m reading a lot about incisions and scars. It seems that the worst horror stories come from adhesions and infections forming after a wound has been closed. No one likes the idea of coming out of surgery with an open wound, but it’s useless and even dangerous trying to heal too fast. Full healing is way better than fast healing. You’re amazing ❤


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