Example of Complex PTSD & shame. And why I share as much as I do.

These were perfect words to describe how I felt when I realized where I had gone with my therapist last week. Just totally shamed for my neediness (interpreted by me) and my wanting attention when I wanted it.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Complex PTSD and Shame…..one example I struggle with…

You know you have suffered complex trauma and have Complex PTSD when… You have sent an apology message to someone important in your life, who you have been emotional and overstepped boundaries with…

The shame starts setting in. And panic….. And then the ‘waiting for the response’ – feels like ‘punishment’.

When in all reality it isn’t, there could be many reasons for a delay in a response, including – why should they respond quickly? They are under no obligation to do so. I am not the centre of their life, in any way. And I don’t expect to be.

But, the stress and shame builds anyway. Emotional flashbacks, to being punished in childhood and made to feel shame, instead of empathy, no doubt.

Then you start thinking of all the many different outcomes – so you can be prepared for whatever…

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4 thoughts on “Example of Complex PTSD & shame. And why I share as much as I do.

  1. Thanks Patty, appreciate your recent posts. I can relate to all of them. Sorry if you said this in another post (and you already know of this author), but I found Pete Walkers books to be very helpful, both his recent one (Complex PTSD) and his older book (Tao of Emotional Feeling) in dealing with my shame, emotional flashbacks, etc. http://www.pete-walker.com/


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