The end of body memories?

Wow! This is a great explanation of body memories and what they may be like and how they enter into awareness. I also pray often that my body memories will leave some day when I have reconnected enough to my body.

Shedding Light on Darkness

*Trigger warnings – I have been very honest and open about my body memories, so please take care*

Body memories are hell, absolute hell. They have to be one of the scariest symptoms of PTSD- for me at least.

To physically feel something that took place years before, in itself is frightening. To feel as if your trauma is happening or has just happened all over again is terrifying.

It is hard to explain body memories to someone who has never had them and even then my experience of them is likely to be different to that of another survivor. I often describe body memories as sort of echos, but if I am honest, that only covers some of the body memories I have experienced. 

Some body memories feel like just that to me, an echo of a pain that once was. However, as I have progressed in therapy, the body…

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