What About Doubt?

I loved this post this post about how to overcome doubt and how there is light at the end of the tunnel no matter which path.

Abused? Surviving and Thriving!

What about doubt?

Doubt comes to us all from time to time. But as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse doubt can seem ever-present. Growing up with this abuse was living in constant doubt about the act of the abuse, doubt about trusting others, doubting myself, doubting decisions that I made. I still deal with that doubt today to some degree. And why wouldn’t I?

I was always being told by my abuser that he loved me faith-doubtand I believed him. But at the same time I felt there was something wrong with that relationship. It didn’t seem natural and as a child I didn’t know why. But he was the adult and kept telling me that what was going on was natural and beautiful.

At the same time I was being told by another adult in my life that I was good for nothing. Nothing I did was ever good enough…

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