Lots of Stuff…No Big Story

I decided I’d better write a post because it has been a long while and I don’t want to get in the habit of not posting.  So I am going to make a bullet list of some things that have been happening on my path to healing:


  • I got my own Wavemaster punching bag.  I had to clean out half the basement in order to have space for it.  But it’s there and it has water in the base.
  • I also got pink boxing gloves.
  • I discovered that I might be able to do a little kickboxing.  Maybe not more than 10 kicks a day.  I’ve got severe arthritis in both knees.
  • My wife brought me home a pink baseball bat to whack the punching bag with.  
  • I saw MT riding a motorcycle and it made me happy for some reason.  My best friend called her a ‘badass’ when I described MT.  Maybe I like the idea that I might be tough enough for a badass therapist.
  • I’ve been fighting the battle towards healing big time in therapy. 
  • I’m scared of some of the places that I am going in therapy.
  • Maybe I will finally heal.

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